13.6  Vitreoretinal Surgery

Silicone Study

Part 1 [lxvi]

SO vs SF6 in RRD with severe PVR

Part 2 [lxvii]

SO vs C3F8 in RRD with severe PVR

SF6 gas inferior to silicone oil (SO) for PVR

C3F8 gas equivalent to silicone oil (SO) for PVR

PIVOT [lxviii]

Pneumatic Retinopexy vs Vitrectomy for RRD

Superior VA, less metamorphopsia, and reduced morbidity (e.g. less cataract) for pneumatic retinopexy

Primary anatomic success 81% pneumatic retinopexy vs 93% PPV

EVS [ix]

Endophthalmitis Vitrectomy Study

If VA LP at presentation endophthalmitis, do better with initial vitrectomy rather than intravitreal antibiotics (3x increased chance of achieving 6/12)

IV antibiotics make no difference

Very old study, may not be applicable today, high rate of endophthalmitis in study, multiple problems with protocol)

See Chapter 13.2 - Cataract


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